Dedicated Development Teams

For enterprise scale applications and projects, development services must adapt to the needs of the organization, no matter how fast and often changing they are, providing flexibility, process transparency and means of control. Enterprises may require full development, staff augmentation, or team integration. We offer dedicated teams of selected and approved by you developers to work closely to or fully integrated into your development process, giving you a maximum control to guarantee final product meets your expectations and needs.

Best suitable for medium to long term projects

Dedicated Teams basically refers to an agreement between us, when we provide software development professionals on a long term basis. The number of teams, size and specialists, including their seniority, are chosen according to your demand and requirements. You may decide to manage the team or teams from your side (complete team integration into your development workflow), or to assign us to coordinate the communication process.

Dedicated Teams approach is best suitable when the scope of your project could not be strictly defined and requirements can be changed during the development process. The main purpose of this model is to have a team that will compensate for the lack of necessary expertise and will seamlessly work as your own. It perfectly suits a dynamic project with changing requirements and tasks, but defined end goal.


  • Predictable and predefined budget
  • Freedom to change the scope of the work at any time
  • Full control over the management of the team or teams
  • Dedicated team members have a deep understanding of the client’s project and business goals
  • The team is stable and is fully dedicated to the particular client


Dedicated teams can be of any type and structure: Back End only, Front End only, QA Team, Design, Mixed teams (Front + Back End). It is completely up to you to choose the best teams composition or you may prefer to ask us to assist in this process. Additionally, teams number and structure can evolve and change over time, there is no limit – the final goal is to satisfy your needs.

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