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The Benefits of Outsourcing Software Development

A lot has been written about software development outsourcing and the myriad of opportunities and changes that it has brought to the global economy. What we have witnessed in the last 15 years has proved one thing for sure – outsourcing is here to stay. So let’s recap why you should take advantage of software outsourcing and how to get started.

Provisioning an AWS ECS cluster using Terraform

Lessons learned while automating the infrastructure provisoning of an ECS sluster of EC2 virtual machines, that run Docker and scale with your apps – using Terraform as the infrastructure orchestration tool.

Automatically delete an S3 bucket with the AWS CDK stack

AWS CDK is the latest Infrastructure as Code tool, made by AWS itself. It makes it super easy to deploy the various pieces of the infrastructure that your application needs. However, it’s having a hard time cleaning up stale S3 buckets when you no longer need them. Here’s how to automate this cleanup.

Filter DynamoDB, using Query/Scan and implement a full-text search?

DynamoDB is the Amazon take on fully managed NoSQL database services that provide fast and predictable performance with seamless scalability. It is a great solution for projects that require single-digit millisecond response of read/write operations and easy integration with other AWS services like Lambda, ElasticSearch, etc.

Fix ordered MySQL table with messed up data, using only SQL queries

Recently I came across a very interesting issue regarding SQL databases that contain ordered information (e.g. imagine a table with TV channel, where each channel has an index: 1,2,3 and so on), that got messed up – positions were out of order and there are “holes” in the positioning. In the perfect scenario such table […]

Clutch Crowns ScavaSoft as a Top Web Development Company in Bulgaria

ScavaSoft’s goal is to deliver high quality software solutions to our clients at a reasonable price and with a quick turnaround. We are able to deliver great services thanks to our amazing team which has a lot of experience and expertise in the industry. The team follows the Agile methodology to make sure that we […]